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Better Late, Than Never – The Guide To A Last Minute Christmas

If your like us, you’ll be making last minute excuses on the phone with your mom on why you’re late for Christmas Eve as your waiting in a mile-long line at TJ MAXX. Cursing yourself under your breath why you continue to do this year after year and aggressively debating if the candle is cute or its scent disgusts you….and why is it so DAMN hot in here??

Enough is enough – it’s time to avoid that whole messy affair and show up early enough to eat that brick of brie cheese and more than your share of the spinach artichoke dip.

The answer to all your problems is here, the perfect last minute Christmas stocking stuffers. So we are forbid you faint in line and get heated over decorative dish soaps as a second rate Christmas gift.


(cue little drummer boy)

Our Christmas collaboration with blogger and all around adorable human, Alli Santmyer. 

We teamed up with Alli to build the ultimate stocking stuffer guide on her blog, Allison In Wonderland. So check it out, shop around, and pass the egg nog!

Merry Christmas & Merry Shopping to All!




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