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Choose Joy: FTB X Copperstone Co Holiday Collab

When we find something awesome we love to share it with all of you. This time around we found someone awesome and created something even more awesome for all of you! Tis the season for a little holiday reminder...

(drum roll please)

Introducing our Choose Joy Tee!

This perfect yet simple tee was the creative-brain child from us, here at FTB, and the wonderful Megan of Copper Stone Design Co. A Baltimore-based artist, Megan works across many mediums, from signage to jackets, and paper to packaging.  She's big into the wedding game and just about anything that needs a name on it, Megan and her beautiful calligraphy has inspired us for a long time! 

When the opportunity to work together to create something came about, it was a no-brainer. Thus was born, the Choose Joy Tee!

The tee is printed on Vintage white on our all new Vintage Fem Fit. This fit has the perfect hem line, leaves a little extra room for the hips, and accents you in all the right ways!  The Choose Joy Tee is a Limited Edition Holiday run, so be sure to grab yours before they're all gone for good.

When we told Megan what we had in mind for our Holiday tee, she absolutely loved it. She told us that unlike happiness, joy is something you can choose – "at the end of the day, choose joy." We loved working with Megan and wanted all of you to get to know the story behind her brand and her inspiration — Enjoy!


FTB: What/Where or when was the moment when you decided that you were going to start a calligraphy business? 
Megan: There wasn't an exact moment but back in October of 2016 I ordered some calligraphy materials because I wanted to pick up a new hobby. I began playing around with different pens and practicing calligraphy after work. I would also decorate a little chalk board in my apartment with different sayings for the seasons and holidays. The following year, I had a few friends get married and I helped with addressing envelopes and making signs. Word spread and I started to get more inquiries from friends of friends. "The CopperStone" was the name of my apartment building in DC where I began with just some ink and a pen so I thought it would be fitting that my business name would be a reminder of where I started.

FTB: As a highly successful business owner of a highly beautiful personal brand/company, what advice would you give to aspiring women entrepreneurs? 

Megan: Why thank you! I remember seeing a quote somewhere that said, "Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle" and it has always stuck with me. Building a business and a brand doesn't happen over night so don't compare yourself to others. Take it a day at a time, work hard, make connections, and things will fall into place.


FTB: Who or what keeps you motivated? 

Megan: It sounds simple but just having a creative outlet and making pretty things for people. I've always been creative and I always had this feeling that somehow it was going to unfold into something but just didn't know what. And I think I found it :) 


FTB: What’s your favorite thing to produce? (Signs, jackets, etc) and why?

Megan: I love making tiny denim jackets for babies and kids! I also love a challenge and writing on any weird and unusual surface. 


FTB: The holiday season is upon us and we are thrilled to have collaborated with you on this tee — what are you most excited for the holiday season? 

Megan: One of my favorite parts about the holiday season is decorating! When I was younger, I always looked forward to getting our tree (only real Christmas trees for me!) and begged my parents to get up in the attic to bring down the decorations. We would spend an entire day decorating the tree and talking about the different ornaments and memories we had about them. Now that we have our own home, we've collected special ornaments over the years and look forward to decorating our tree...but my husband does make me wait until after Thanksgiving! 


We can't thank Megan enough and hope you all enjoyed getting to know her as much as we did. Now go check out our limited edition collab tee on the website here!! Also, go follow @Copperstoneco to make all your calligraphy daydreams come true. 

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