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For The Birds X Madauer Beads Giveaway

We’ve teamed up with one of our favorite people and small businesses to bring you all a giveaway. To spread around some kindness, in collaboration with Madauer beads, we are giving away our Human Kind Tee and some of her adorable beads.

You all know we love interviewing people who inspire us, so in true fashion we decided to ask Madison some questions so you all could get to know a bit more about her. So grab a coffee, sit back, and enjoy —


Us: So you started your own bead company – what's the story behind it and how did you decide to start this brand?

Madison: When I think back to the official “start” of my bead company and brand, I realize that it was always growing and very much an organic process since I was younger. I remember loving art and creating bracelets when I was younger, from traditional threaded friendship bracelets, to beaded and even hemp bracelets. Once I entered college at Saint Joseph’s University in Philly, I began my blog and began posting more about my beaded bracelets. When friends and family showed interest in my beads, I realized I had something special. The summer of 2017 really allowed me to spend time at the beach, forming my brand and the styles that would become the foundation of Madauer Beads. Now, I sell my bracelets on my Instagram, as well as in multiple stores along the east coast.


Us: We love your vibe! What would you say are some of your biggest inspirations in life and for your company?

Madison: Thank you!! I would say that the biggest inspiration for my beads and the overall aesthetic of my brand is 100% the beach. Ever since I was younger, I can recall spending so much time at the beach – something I am definitely grateful for. The beach is my happy place, and a huge part of my inspiration. When I feel relaxed and content, I find my mind wandering to a place of creativity. Many of my designs, meanings, and names for my beads came from my time spent on the beach. I also channel inspiration from simplistic and minimal design accounts that I follow on Instagram, as well as inspirational accounts like @morganharpernichols. I also love drawing inspiration from Pinterest. Whenever I am not tied to a specific task or need a break, I am usually on Pinterest, gathering little bits of inspiration.


Us: What are you most looking forward to this summer?

Madison: This summer, I am most looking forward to continuing to expand my bead business, as well as spend time at the beach with my friends and family. Lucky for me, the beach offers both relaxation and creativity, allowing me to accomplish both in one place! I am planning on adding some new styles to my bead collection, so stay tuned for that coming throughout the summer…


Us: If you had to say one thing about your beads to your customers or what you wanted them to feel about the brand what would it be?

Madison: To me, my beads represent more than a bracelet. Each design has a special name and meaning, allowing you to draw inspiration from the bracelet for whatever you may need in life. I love wearing something as a reminder to be peaceful, have hope, strength, etc. – whatever I may need at the moment. Let my beads be a reminder for whatever you may be searching for in life!


Us: We are so excited about this collaboration between For The Birds x MadAuer Beads – we paired the giveaway with our Stay Human Stay Kind shirt – what's the main message for you about this for all our viewers and fans?

Madison: When I saw the latest collection drop for the summer from FTB, I was immediately drawn to this tee, so I am beyond excited that it is being paired with my beads for this giveaway! I think that this tee is a simple yet crucial reminder for us to always treat others with kindness. You truly never know what someone could be going through, and kindness is a sure way to brighten someone else’s day. It reminds me a lot of this quote that I continually see on Pinterest – “in a world where you can be anything, be kind.” If everyone lived by this mantra, “stay human stay kind,” imagine how different the world could be.


Thanks Madison for your time and this fun collab giveaway. Good luck to everyone who enters, we will be announcing a winner this Sunday, June 16. To enter the rules are simple and you can click here to find the details on our Instagram. So go enter and remember to be kind today.


Also, go follow Madison to see more of her amazing beads or to be completely inspired by her beautiful Instagram feed @MADAUER

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