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Hey – Whose That? The Face All Over Our Website

As you can tell, if you've gotten as far as this blog post – we gave our website a bit of a makeover. As you can also tell, you've seen lots of this rad human's face all over the site. 

Well, we thought we shouldn't be the only lucky ones to know her so we did a little interview with her for all of you.

Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Us: It's easy to see that you're a pretty rad human. To give people a quick idea of who you are we are going to rattle off some questions and I want the first answer that comes to your head. Are you ready?
Shannon: Yeah I'm real glad I'm hungover for this...
Us: Out on a Wednesday, gutsy! We dig it. Alright, here we go we'll start off easy. Favorite hobby or activity?
Shannon: Skiing and Snowboarding
Us: Favorite Season?
Shannon: Summer. duh.
Us: Morning or night?
Shannon: Morning for sure
Us: Favorite band?
Shannon: Future Islands / Rainbow Kitten Surprise / Black Sabbath
Us: Favorite Food? 
Shannon: That's such an unfair question, its all too good!!!
Us: Alright fair enough. Annnnnd, we just have one last question for ya. We had a blast in the studio the other day. Between the whiskey, Japanese Disco, and endless selfie roll, we got some AMAZING shots and your face is about to be all over our website — how do you feel about it?
Shannon: LOVE ITTTTT! You guys are the absolute best, im so stoked you wanted me to be a part of this! So much love for ya
Us: Thanks a million for shooting with us and rocking our tee's, can't wait to work together more in the future!
If you can't get enough of Shannon all over our website we 10/10 suggest following this rad human and self proclaimed public nuisance on Instagram. You can usually catch Shannon frolicking on the beach or on top of some mountain and if she's in town there is no doubt she's at her favorite local dive – Pickles
Thanks for sharing your face and giving our website a nice redesign.
Cheers and bottom's up!


Follow the leader -- @shanngallagher


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