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Let's Hear It For Earth Day!


Happy Earth Day! All days, but especially today we'd like to celebrate this big beautiful planet we all call home. We challenge all of you to take a moment today to get outside and stand in awe of our Earth. She gives so much to us, it’s time we give back to her––



There’s a unique sense of inspiration, creativity, and energy we’ve always gotten from nature. Whether it’s the waves coming to meet your toes at sunrise, a hike with a view, or kayaking down a lazy river. We only have one planet and it’s our job to protect her, to use our voices and our actions. 

We thought it was important to give back and that’s why we’re proud to present our partnership with 1% Planet! We will be giving 1% of our annual revenue each year to women-run environmental nonprofits that work each day to help preserve and restore this beautiful planet.


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