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Loveland Foundation x For The Birds

This June we are so excited to highlight and donate to The Loveland Foundation Therapy Fund.

For those of you who haven’t heard of the Loveland Foundation, get excited, because when we heard of it, we were completely obsessed with their mission.

The Loveland Foundation has a mission rooted in supporting and building up communities of color, specifically for black women and girls nationally. Their Therapy Fund works to provide therapy and mental health aid to black women and girls who are unable to access it.

Last month, we highlighted Mental Health Awareness month and thought the Loveland Foundation built off of that awareness to a community that might not have the same resources.

This is close to the heart of For The Birds as our mission to help every girl feel empowered and loved by their own unique selves. Be You Babe and be proud to be it! We want to help break down the barrier and stigma behind therapy and mental health aid. We all need help at some points and deserve to be our happiest and truest selves.

As women, we need to work to build each other up and support one another.

For the remainder of June we will be donating 50% of proceeds on our Human Kind Tee & Wonderful Women tee to the Loveland Therapy Fund. Double up on a little reminder to yourself and others that might need it that you are wonderful and kindness comes first.

We also invite you to learn more about the Loveland Foundation Therapy Fund here at their website and to donate on your own!


Our Human Kind Tee is your classic boyfriend tee fit in a perfectly neutral tan.

Our Wonderful women tee is an extra soft, light oversized tee that supports all our wonderful women.


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