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On Location: Puerto Rico Pt. 2

Part 2: Do we have to pay for the toll?

When we last left you we were in the midst of our Puerto Rican winter escape. After 2 refreshing days in San Juan we embarked to a more rural and adventurous unknown part of the island. So one car rental not meant for the backroads of Puerto Rico and a playlist of all jams demanding to be sung-a-long too later and we were off down the highway. The open road! Which was immediately interrupted at the panic that hits when you roll into a toll booth in a foreign country in a rental car….”umm hiii, do we need to pay for this toll??” On the promise that it was covered in the rental we were off again toward adventure.


 We opted out of the norm of a Best Western or Hyatt and in true fashion found a modern, glamping, vegan treehouse compound in the middle of El Yunque rainforest to stay on instead.  With nothing but the essentials (local beer, fruit from the compound, and chips & salsa) and a backdrop to make you faint, we began the second half of our trip. Never knew this inspiration existed – but nothing quite compares to a rain shower at sunrise with open windows into the wild, while the rainforest wakes up. The next 2 days consisted of far to many laughs at figuring out how to navigate Puerto Rican roads and transportation and some of the most beautiful beaches and views ever. We even knocked off a bucket list item and hopped on a ferry to an island off the coast to see the elusive and gorgeous Flamenca Beach.

 On our last day we spent hiking through some of El Yunque’s most beautiful waterfalls and taking the scenic drive back to the airport stumbling upon uninhabited and uninterrupted hidden beaches along the way for one last swim and some last adventures. 


Safe to say within 4 days we were left a few shades tanner than our pale winter selves, refreshed, and filled to the brim with inspiration and joy from such a beautiful island and culture.

We hope you enjoy our adventures as much as we did!



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