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On Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico

How To Run From A Polar Vortex — Part 1: Oh, Sweet San Juan

Before we get started, I have an important announcement – if you have yet to go to Puerto Rico, we 10/10 suggest you grab your best mates and go book some cheap flights and airbnb and have the time of your life. Between salsa dancing down colorful historic cobblestone streets, ferrying to hidden islands off the coast and scaling waterfalls in the rainforest–you actually cannot lose on this trip.

(**Yes this is secretly a plug for Puerto Rico Tourism – thank you to our sponsors Cortes chocolate bar and whoever made those amazing coconut mojito pitchers**)

Last month, we hightailed it out of the Polar Vortex that covered the North East – leaving 5 degree weather and landing in 80 degree weather to promptly frolicking down our cobblestone street running toward fresh mojitos in an open air bar. While leaving the cold weather may have secretly been priority number one, we went to gain inspiration for our upcoming spring/summer line (stay tuned). We may have hit a personal record breaker on the amount of adventures we fit into our little 4-day hiatus from reality.

We split our time between the beautiful and vibrant culture of San Juan, the colorful and historic capital city, – and a vegan tree house in the middle of the colorful and vibrant nature of the rainforest (more on this later). We even made time for an unusual ferry ride to one of Puerto Rico’s most elusive beaches – Flamenca Beach.



Our first 2 days we spent exploring the colorful and historic capital city – Old San Juan. There's something about waking up and hearing the birds and buzz of the city bustling around. From the explosive colors of the buildings, to the historic cobblestone streets and forts woven throughout the city, to the sounds and culture around every corner – we were in no short supply of inspiration. Our nights were full of exploring secret salsa bars and relaxing atop dreamy rooftop restaurants. However, we can never leave San Juan without making a trek to the best block party you can stumble upon on any given Thursday or Friday. All ages from 8 years old to 75 years young people are salsa dancing together throughout the streets of a little square that attracts locals and tourists from all over. Be sure to wear dancing shoes, have a little liquid courage and expect to get your hand grabbed into a salsa dance at any given moment.

After 2 days soaking up the sunshine, boutiques, history, and amazing resilient people of San Juan we rented a car and ventured into the latter half of our reality hiatus – enter a treehouse, a strange ferry ride and hidden beaches––check back next week




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