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OnLocation : St Lucia

It’s been a brutal winter so far. The polar blast of a tundra has left us shivering in our socks by the fireside and between school closings and icy morning walks to the car, something warmer had been calling us. A twelve hour travel day later––we’ve set foot in the greater island of St Lucia. It’s lush, it’s lavish, it’s rustic, it’s culture-filled and it’s BIG.

Here at For The Birds, we are big believers in jumping out of your comfort zone and exploring what is at work around you. It’s where the inspiration lies, taking in the big things but also the little things. Experiences are what craft the mind –– the taste of a new meal, a new view, or a new mindset you stumbled upon while finishing your latte at a new cafe. We absorb our surroundings, gather thoughts while walking down new streets and are ever-searching for the “ah-ha” moment around every corner. Living life day-to-day in the mundane becomes toxic and a death to the creative mind. We have to get up, get out and get to seeing new things. With that, we invite you On Location — jump in and come away with us.

After all, you can’t fight the calling of far away adventures or the magic that is wanderlust — and why would you.

Model : @blairebowerss

Location: St Lucia

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  • Kacy

    Absolutely love your tees, your website & your St. Lucia on-site blog!!! Thanks for breathing a little warmth & beauty into our winter days!

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