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Regroup, Reflect, React — 2019


Happy New Year, Babes. 2019 is finally here.

A chance to refresh. A chance to regroup, reflect and react. 

Second day in and we are still taking time to look back––but most of all to say thanks. To you—our babes! You are the ones fueling this dream and keeping us passionate and creative. If it wasn’t for all of you, For The Birds Co would have just forever been a far off day dream. Every comment, every like, every order, every photo, every mention means SO much to us. This ride so far has been emotional, exciting, tiring and fulfilling— but it’s whats ahead that keeps us sprinting forward.
We are already giddily jumping around at all the plans that this next year holds and overwhelmingly excited for everything that is to come. We can wait to pump out some new tees, new styles, new inspiration and keep the radness of individuality–the breathing heart of this company, alive. 

So grab a glass of champagne, take our hand and run headfirst into the horizon of the new year with us. You’re the best, babes. 2019 is already your year! 

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