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She's Honey Wild XX American Honey

We did a thing. An awesome thing! With an even more awesome person! We recently linked up with our good friend Gina Cangemi––or as most people know her, ShesHoneyWild––for a collab with her self-made brand and our American Honey Tee -- a match made in T-shirt heaven! 

Gina is a freelance photographer, content creator, blogger based in the DMV area, and a pure ray of sunshine––and if you don't follow her we suggest you do that right now! – @sheshoneywild She's an all around genuine, passionate, and creative, life-loving person. 

We decided this was the perfect week to release this collab because in the spirit of love and love week–Gina just got engaged!! We are over the moon excited for her, see more of her story on her instagram and here!

As if you needed convincing, we had the pleasure of doing a little interview after our collab about her brand, dreams, aspirations and inspirations.

Us: So Gina, before we dive into this can you tell us a bit about how you got into blogging or the story behind Honey Wild?

Gina: Honey Wild has always been something in the making (whether I knew it or not) waaaaay before it officially came to life! Photography and creativity has always been in my blood. My grandfather was a full time photographer, my sister is a photographer and my dad is also a photographer! Even though I loved capturing images growing up, I knew I needed to go to college for another love of mine… fashion :) I went to Kent State and graduated with a B.S in fashion merchandising + marketing. It was during college, I finally put the pieces together on what my future could look like and how I could combine all of my passions (photography, fashion, creativity and connection). I landed an office job for a fashion brand doing social media marketing and it was the perfect fit. However, after I got a taste of the corporate world, I knew it wasn’t for me. I finally decided that life is way too short to not be doing what you’re 100% loving and that’s when Honey Wild was born (a fashion + lifestyle based photography and blogging brand)!


Us: Looks like 2018 was a hell of a year for the both of us beginning our brands, if you had to pick your top highlight or adventure, what would it be?

Gina: 2018 was epic. It was the year I brought Honey Wild into the world on Jan 1st. It was the BEST feeling seeing all of my friends, family and strangers react to the announcement. The support was wild and I had no idea it would take off the way it did. 2018 was also the same year I was able to say “peace out!” to my 9-5 and “hellloo!” to the world of full time freelance (aka best job ever)!


Us: Alright, we have a little scenario for you. I want you to list the first thing that comes to your mind. Okay, so it’s the darkest hour of the morning and you hop in the car with your favorite person by your side to head off on your next adventure – what’s the first song you put on?

Gina: Omg I’m so lame but probably I wanna dance with somebody by Whitney Houston. LOL. It has to be fun, upbeat and crazy that everyone can sing too because  odds are, I’m not quite awake yet..haha!


Us: Post the turn of the New Year, I feel like we have to ask––got any Resolutions, goals, or plans for 2019 you want share? What's going to be BIG this year?

Gina: Yes! My main plan includes getting organized + scheduling a time for work everyday. It sounds boring an a no-brainer.. but working from home full time can be challenging with balancing life + work. In a perfect world, I would wake up at 5am, grab my coffee and immediately begin to work on what needs to be done before anyone is really awake. I LOVE the quiet in the morning and checking things off my to-do list before 9am. So trying to find my productive hours and a good balance is what I’m all about this year.


Us: Alright one more scenario, let’s say some catastrophic event happens (no wait that’s scary)––okay, for some unknown reason, you must give up your entire wardrobe but are allowed to choose three items – what are they and why?

Gina: Oooooh okay.. Let’s see! So obviously my American Honey tee ;) It’s soo soft, goes with anything and I feel like it was made for me. Lol! My Levi wedgie fit jeans - seriously my favorite jeans of all time..literally everyone needs at least one pair (I’m wearing them in the photos!) They make my butt look amazingggg. And lastly, my favorite plaid + wool Free People jacket - It’s seriously my fave item and I can see myself passing it down to my future’s that good.


Us: Alright, Gina you’ve been awesome, we just have one last question. If you could say one thing to your readers and viewers what would it be?

Gina: Sooo cheesy but seriously can’t stress this enough: If you can dream it, you can 100% DO IT! All you need is a passion, patience, a hard work ethic, a plan, and an amazing support system. It might seem crazy, but if you believe in yourself enough, you can absolutely do what you LOVE and make that into a career!


So it's safe to say it's a no brainer that you go follow this lovely human and be inspired by her like we are. @sheshoneywild & here


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