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The Woman, The Myth, The Photographer

Alright, so we did an interview with the new face all over our website, but this post is to give a hell of a lot of appreciation to the photographer behind it all. 

Meet Alex Ashman. What can we say, she's 5 foot 3 and every inch is full of bubbles, creativity, and genius. We both are stoked to call her one of our good friends and were so happy to collab on this redesign with her. She so generously let us be the last shoot in her lovely little Ocean City studio. It may not have had running water but it had roller skates, an assortment of alcohol, and all the jams – what more could you need? 

So we did a little interview with her so read up and enjoy the human that is Alex Ashman.

Us: So you're clearly a rad photographer with an extensive portfolio. When did you first get into photography and realize you loved it enough to pursue as a career?

Alex: Funny enough I’ve had a camera in my hand since I can remember… I would actually hang a sheet over my fire place like a seamless background and do fashion shoots with my friends… maybe someone should have told me then to be a photographer and not to go to school for 3 years to be an elementary school teacher but whatever I had a great time :) My entire family have been camera people since cameras were a thing and that had a huge influence on me for it to always feel like second nature to be shooting


Us: What's one thing you wish you could tell your younger self?

Alex: Hey younger self, you’re 30 and we still don’t have it all quite figured out but everything you’re going through is going to make your autobiography much more interesting and make you be able to reach out and help so many different types of people. Trust this process of life and you’re on your way to a truly amazing life, you’re going to be shocked what you get to do because of keeping that yes mindset. 


Us: What's your favorite thing to photograph and why?

Alex: PEOPLE. Man I am a people people… “don’t you want to bring your camera to shoot the scenery…” nope. sure don't. Lol.. I want to take in life for what it is and when I have a camera in my hand I tap into some other part of my brain that I can’t turn off and I LOVE that part of my brain but I don’t need it always on. When I am shooting people though I love that special place I go to, its so empathic and I tap into what the person is feeling and use that to create the energy and moments we are pushing towards. I let it be organic and grow and always say yes so with a person we get to create this photo together and its all of ours involved, not just mine. Theres something truly magical about creating a piece of art with someone else. 


Us: Alright, what's your favorite holiday in the year? Why and what do you do for it?

Alex: FOURTH OF MOTHER F***ING JULY BABYYYYY!!!! It’s truly the only no pressure holiday and every year my dad and my family and I throw a huge all day into the night party at his house where we take over the canal we live on and fill it with giant floats… we send floats full of shots out… play slip and slide flip cup… drink margaritas and orange crushes (my dad, Mr. John Ashman, makes the best in the world… and I’m not just saying that). HMU if any of you ever want to come its a great time. Shewww now I’m amped. 


Us: Alright, last question. Being the bubbly human you are, what is one thing that can sure fire always put you in a good mood?

Alex: 2000’s hip hop. Something about it makes me want to dance and dancing is truly my cure for everything. I also could rap you every word, its not a big deal. 

Us: Boom that's a wrap, thanks so much for everything!

Alex: Thanks FTB for being an awesome client and great friends. There is seriously nothing you guys can’t do and I’m so stoked to be here to watch you guys live the dream. Crush It. 

I know now you are all lining up to get an invite to Alex's 4th of July party and to do a shoot with her. Honestly, though if you ever get the chance to shoot with Alex Ashman your answer should be a resounding HELL YES! 

Now go checkout more of her amazing work on her website or follow her amazing life at @alexashmanphotos 

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  • Jenna

    love her & ftb!!! keep killin it babes!

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