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On Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico

How To Run From A Polar Vortex — Part 1: Oh, Sweet San Juan Before we get started, I have an important announcement – if you have yet to go to Puerto Rico, we 10/10 suggest you grab your best mates and go book some cheap flights and airbnb and have the time of your life. Between salsa dancing down colorful historic cobblestone streets, ferrying to hidden islands off the coast and scaling waterfalls in the rainforest–you actually cannot lose on this trip. (**Yes this is secretly a plug for Puerto Rico Tourism – thank you to our sponsors Cortes chocolate bar and whoever made those amazing coconut mojito pitchers**) Last month, we hightailed it out of the Polar Vortex that covered...

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She's Honey Wild XX American Honey

We recently linked up with our good friend Gina Cangemi––or as most people know her ShesHoneyWild––for a collab with her self-made brand and our American Honey Tee -- a match made in T-shirt heaven! 

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OnLocation : St Lucia

It’s been a brutal winter so far. The polar blast of a tundra has left us shivering in our socks by the fireside and between school closings and icy morning walks to the car, something warmer had been calling us. A twelve hour travel day later––we’ve set foot in the greater island of St Lucia. It’s lush, it’s lavish, it’s rustic, it’s culture-filled and it’s BIG. Here at For The Birds, we are big believers in jumping out of your comfort zone and exploring what is at work around you. It’s where the inspiration lies, taking in the big things but also the little things. Experiences are what craft the mind –– the taste of a new meal, a new...

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