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It’s simply #forthebirds

For The Birds Co. was born out of the unquestionable need for self expression.

It was made for all of you, the women who are unapologetically yourselves. Those who don’t have one simple definition, who’s not held back by the opinions of others.

She is bold. She is brilliant. She is kind. She is passionate. She’s a mover, a shaker, a risk taker. She belongs to no one and pushes beyond her comfort zone to discover the unknown. She is aware and she is unmistakably resilient. 

You won’t see her scream it from the rooftops or scribble it on a sign, but rather she is honest and strong and shows the world her power through action, change and living boldly against all odds.

Out here in this wild world, she’s a catalyst for the next generation. She knows her worth and she is confident. She’s writing the new bottom line —


Be you babe, everything else is #forthebirds